Rejoice !

written by Tony Cullen
July 2016

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Something’s growing deep inside
a love… a light… that does reside
and brightens our path
the first shall be last
the last shall be first
thank God for all His works

Now every body has a head
the whole lump’s holy, our Lord said
salvation to all
and many are called
His mercy is revealed
to the few at first

Rejoice in the Lord — Rejoice in the Lord
Always — Always
and don’t despise the day of small things

A little bird just told me this (a kiss is just a kiss a kiss)
but God’s love endures
and makes us all mature
sons of God today

I feel those living waters pouring forth again
a precious breath of life — we’re dragged
…out of the sea
…over the mountains
…into the heavens
where mercy rules — where mercy rules

Something’s growing deep inside a love a light that does reside /// END


One Response to Rejoice !

  1. mike vinson says:

    Thank you so much, and Amen! His love and “His mercy endures forever” (Psa 136 all 26 verses). I am convinced!

    Your grateful brother,


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